Chefs in the Trenches

Get your Chefs in the Trenches Cooking Competition tickets right here. This 8 course meal with drink pairings will be the talk of the town, don't miss out, get your tickets now before the limited quantity sells out.  Location: Primary Social club, 552 Ouellette Avenue, Sunday September 27th 2020 at 5pm

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Maurice Boire

As with all of our founders at BZB T.K. Maurice has had an extensive and well round career in the culinary field. Maurice’s experience has given him the ability to tackle most problems from a logical, yet creative approach. When you don’t find Maurice with his head in the clouds dreaming up wild ideas you can find him, head down crafting, with his hands, a solution to today’s problem. 

Sergio Zevallos

Sergio was born in Venezuela. He learned English as a teenager when he summered with family in western Canada. His love for travel was born. From this passion he decided to dedicate himself to learn cuisine from around the world. Attending prestigious cooking schools, Le Cordon Bleu and the Dubrulle Culinary Institute Sergio learned his craft. Often adopting worldly approaches to dishes (while hating the term “fusion”) Sergio creates unique dishes that can only come from world travel.