Who is behind BZB Test Kitchen

BZBTK is a collection of talented individuals that work for BZBTK and work along side us. Without Community engagement and community support BZBTK would not function. We are proud to be in a unique position within the market at a time when the world is struggling. Starting a business during a global pandemic would seem to be a strange place to start. We launched our business January 1st, 2020 and have had the unique opportunity to launch a business that fits into the scope of what we have always wanted to do and that fits with the current global landscape. Heres to some great food, unique pop up dinners, iron chef style dinner theater, and other events.



So Who is behind this?


Our President Maurice Boire has held many Culinary titles throughout his culinary history starting as a coop student, moving to dishwasher and part time line cook, onto culinary student, then sous chef, head chef, executive chef, corporate chef, chef instructor and now owner and creative director of his own company.